Core Curriculum

Diversity and International Requirements

The USM Core insures that our graduates will be world-minded, life-long learners with knowledge of the interrelationships between human cultures.  To this end, students complete distinct Diversity and International learning requirements. See Advising and Registration quick link for available courses.

Courses carrying the diversity designation engage students in critical examination of and self-reflection on issues of difference and diversity.  The diversity requirement will enhance students’ analytic sophistication about issues related to difference and diversity and foster the interpersonal skills necessary for engaging with diverse populations within the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Courses that satisfy the international requirement help students become world-minded learners who are knowledgeable about and have a comparative understanding of international social, political, economic or cultural issues in context.   Courses that satisfy this requirement develop students’ knowledge and skills in relation to international issues of relevance to the course topic and focus.

Courses which satisfy the Diversity requirement may also satisfy another Core requirement., except for the International requirement. Courses which satisfy the International requirement may also satisfy another Core requirement except for the Diversity requirement.

Study abroad involving an academic experience which meets specified learning outcomes may be used to satisfy the International requirement. Students must submit prior documentation such as a syllabus or detailed program description to the Office of International Programs to demonstrate the relevance of the learning experience to the outcomes as specified above.