Core Curriculum

Financial Resources

From 2002-2014, USM enjoyed generous funding through a series of grants from the Davis Educational Foundation to support faculty and departments in the design, delivery and assessment of the USM Core.  USM appreciates the Davis Foundation's support of our work.  Other institutional resources are available to support on-going faculty work in this area. 

1. The Office of Undergraduate Programs and Core Curriculum offers competitive access to small grants to support new course design that directly leads to meaningful assessment of student learning, especially learning that connects students to community-- the campus, their local community, or beyond.  Contact Susan McWilliams at 780-4755 for more information.

2. USM's Title III grant involves competitive access to small grants to support faculty utilization of High Impact Educational Practices. See the Title III High Impact Practices page for more information. These grants are especially targeted at EYE and EISRC (Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship) courses.