Core Curriculum

Graduation Certification

Graduation Certification

For students, beginning the certification process involves applying for graduation using the Application for Degree form listed here. Students should meet with their academic advisor to review coursework and the satisfaction of major, Core and other degree requirements.

This resource page provides information on graduation requirements with respect to the Core Curriculum.  Students should check with their academic advisor and with their college's website for information on graduation requirements for their major.

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Advising

College of Science, Technology and Health

College of Management and Human Service

Lewiston Auburn College

Pre-Fall 2011 Core Curriculum Requirements

Use the catalog associated with your requirement term to determine Core requirements prior to fall 2011.  See the Core section of each catalog for lists of courses that satisfy specific requirements and for policies regarding satisfying Core requirements. 

Click here for a list of courses satisfying Core requirements from the 2010-2011 catalog.

Post-Fall 2011 Core Curriculum Requirements

Advising Core Worksheet

Core Curriculum Policies(including overlap rules)

Courses satisfying Core Requirements (2011 and beyond)


Request for Substitution/Exception for a Core requirement

Request for Waiver of Core Requirement