Core Curriculum

Lewiston Auburn College's Common Core

The Lewiston Common Core and the USM Core are both guided by the same vision, goals and outcomes that we hold for all of general education at USM.

Students matriculated in a major in Lewiston Auburn College (LAC) complete the Lewiston Common Core.  LAC’s Common Core is centered around the  question “How, Then, Shall We Live?”, and the curriculum addresses Citizenship in a Global Society.  Key themes in LAC’s Common Core are justice, sustainability, democracy, and difference.   Drawing on the College’s unique interdisciplinary curriculum, the Common Core at LAC includes a set of courses and related learning experiences required of all LAC matriculated students. Students participate in learning experiences intended to strengthen the knowledge and skills they need to advance in their careers and to enable them to respond to critical questions in our global society. 

Visit the Lewiston Common Core web page for more information.