Core Curriculum


Students engage in substantive learning experiences that illuminate and transcend the perspectives of various disciplines while fostering the values and dispositions, knowledge, and skills our students will employ in their personal and professional lives.  USM students demonstrate

  • Informed understandings of interrelationships between human cultures and the natural world;
  • Analytical, contextual, and integrative thinking about complex issues;
  • Critical reflection upon, and informed action in, their roles as participants in multiple communities;
  • Ethical action to contribute to the social and environmental welfare of local and global communities.

Effective Spring 2015: new USM Core Transfer Policy for the Associate of Arts Degree!

With the exception of the capstone, and any other particular USM Core or LCC courses specifically required by the student's major, USM Core and LCC requirements are waived for students with a completed Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies/Liberal Arts from a regionally accredited  community or other college.  This policy does not apply to any other associate degrees.  This policy is effective spring 2015.