Core Curriculum

Susan McWilliams Ph.D.

Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

Office Location

45 Exeter Street, USM Portland Campus




Susan received her BA in German and Sociology from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and her PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington.  Susan lives in Brunswick with her husband and their parrots.  Susan loves working at USM because it is student focused every day.

Primary Responsibilities:

Susan oversees USM’s Core Curriculum and supervises the directors of Academic Assessment, International Programs, and Russell Scholars.

Other responsibilities:

Susan also manages USM's membership in and our annual reporting requirements for the National Council of State Authorization of Reciprocity Agreements, NC-SARA. USM's membership in NC-SARA facilitates the experience of our distance students enrolled in online programs at USM, allows for student placement in out-of-state educational experiences such as internships, clinicals, fieldwork, practicums, etc., and provides information for our distance students about our programs leading to licensure.

For information on state authorization for distance education, and for student complaints concerning distance education, please visit

For information on licensure related to UMS and USM degree programs, see