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Beyond the Fear: The Truth about Sports-related Concussions

November 30, 2017
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Hannaford Hall, Portland Campus

Odds are you’ve heard a lot in the news recently about concussions in sports. Maybe you have watched the 2015 movie Concussion or heard of a recent lawsuit involving high school athletes and concussion treatment. Perhaps you've thought back to your own childhood playing sports or questioned whether your own kids are safe while on the field.

What you might not know is that concussions are treatable.Thanks to recent medical advances, athletes of all ages can get better and return to playing the sports they love after suffering a concussion.

Dr. Michael "Micky" Collins ’91 is at the forefront of research efforts that have led to a better understanding of sports-related concussions. Dr. Collins serves as a consultant to numerous athletic organizations and teams, including Major League Baseball, the NFL, NASCAR, USA Rugby, and many major college programs. His expertise attracts elite athletes from all over the world.

Please join USM Corporate Partners in welcoming Dr. Collins back to campus for an engaging presentation on how evidence-based advances in the clinical management of concussions are helping athletes of all ages.

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