Department of Computer Science

Maine Cyber Security Cluster Participates in Information Security Roundtable

Representatives from the Maine Cyber Security Cluster (MCSC) presented at an Information Security Roundtable held at Unum on January 23, 2014. In addition to MCSC, roundtable participants included Unum, the State of Maine Office of Information Technology, Maine Bureau of Insurance, and the University of Maine School of Law.

The roundtable discussion centered on privacy, information assurance, and cyber security current issues of importance to business, industry, government  and university information and cyber security experts. The pervasive theme of the meeting was the need for these groups to work together to share information, techniques to address advanced persistent threats (APT) from the most sophisticated and powerful entities, and best practices regarding the everyday cyber security issues we all need to be mindful of in every aspect of our lives. 

Edward Sihler and Dr. Glenn Wilson presented on the Maine Cyber Security, providing background information as well as outlining accomplishments, current projects, and future plans. In addition, they highlighted the evolution of MCSC's Specialized Cyber Security Laboratory, a unique research and development environment which will bring together faculty, staff, students and expert practitioners from government and business and industry to prevent and solve problems across the spectrum of cyber security. The laboratory is slated to open in Summer 2014.