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Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The Department of Computer Science has subscribed to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program. This program allows us to put many Microsoft products in our computer labs. It also allows us to distribute them to computer science students and faculty. The Azure   Dev Tools for Teaching web site has lots of additional information and coding resources.

The administration and distribution of software is done by Microsoft.
The software is provided in two formats, images that can be downloaded and installed (using a special client from e-academy) and ISO image files that need to be burned on a CD-R or DVD-R depending on size of image. Ensure you pick the right format before downloading the files -- they are very large!

To qualify you must be currently enrolled in a computer science class (courses beginning with the COS prefix) numbered 285 or above.

Product keys will be available after downloading software. To access your software, you must first have a Microsoft account that you activate the first time you access Office365. If you haven't done so, login to using your UMS email address as the username and your UMS password. Use this account and password to register with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching by clicking the Blue Sign In link at: Once logged in to this portal: you should arrive at the Azure Dev Tools Education page. Click on the software link to the left side of the page. You will need to search for the software you need (i.e. Visual Studio, Project Professional or Visio Professional). Once you download the installer, you will need to install the software. There is an installation key associated with your download that will need to be entered to  activate the software after you install it.
Downloads are available from:
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for Computer Science Students