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Counseling faculty member & student contribute to suicide-prevention news article

US Veteran

Dr. Charles Bernacchio, Coordinator of Rehabilitation Counseling, and Tiffany Reagan, a candidate for a masters degree in Counseling, contributed to an article that was published this past Veteran’s Day in the Portland Press Herald.  

Dr. Bernacchio and Ms. Reagan worked collaboratively with a US veteran; Dr. Jeff Barkin, a Tri-County Mental Health Services (TCMHS) Board Member; and Dr. Catherine Ryder, the Executive Director of TCMHS and a USM alumna, to provide background and facts supporting the November 'Maine Voices' column.

The timely brief was published at a time to encourage veterans and their loved ones to work with behavioral health providers in taking preventive steps to help reduce suicide risks. 

Read the article in the Portland Press Herald.