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Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration

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The historical development of the Rehabilitation Counseling (RCE) concentration at USM grew out of its success in piloting the Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (MHRT- now MHRT/C) as a potential feeder certificate that would appeal to students who want to work in the community mental health system.  Since the establishment of the MHRT and evolution of the rehabilitation counseling concentration through two federally-funded RSA (Rehabilitation Services Agency) grants (both graduate degree and certificate courses over distance education) the RCE is the only University of Maine System counseling education program offered statewide.  The majority of rehabilitation counseling students being admitted now have interests in working within the public mental health system, identify consistently with the psychiatric rehabilitation (PSR) model/principles and are primarily seeking the LCPC (licensed clinical professional counselor) license with a secondary interest in the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) credential. The purpose of creating the hybrid psychiatric rehabilitation (PSR) track will permit students to follow a direct progression of courses that will lead them to state licensure in Maine.  The psychiatric rehabilitation specialization program builds in courses that would meet the 60+ credit hour degree from the Board of Licensing and include the specific content requirements students will need to be competent as licensed clinical counselors and to qualify for the LCPC license.