COVID-19 Updates

Goodbye, Safer Community app. Hello, PointnClick!

If you’ve experienced difficulties with using the Safer Community mobile app to manage testing appointments and receive test results, life is about to get easier.

The Asymptomatic Testing Team is pleased to announce that the Safer Community mobile app has been replaced by a more straightforward web portal that can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, or computer: PointnClick.

The PointnClick web portal is easy to use and includes additional features such as:

  • Email and text message notifications
  • Test results in printable report format, similar to what you would receive from a doctor’s office
  • The ability to schedule testing appointments more than a week in advance
  • QR codes that can be printed/screenshot and presented at testing checkout
  • Updatable profile information
  • And the ability to complete an electronic consent form for COVID-19 testing

To ensure that the PointnClick web portal is user-friendly, reliable, and provides timely result notifications, the Asymptomatic Testing Team held two pilot tests this week with great success.

Here’s The Key Action StepMoving forward, please sign up for weekly testing using the PointnClick web portal.