Criminology Department

James W. Messerschmidt

Chair and Professor


120 Bedford Street, Portland

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Phone: (207) 780-4753

James W. Messerschmidt received his Ph.D. from the Criminology Institute in the Department of Sociology at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. He teaches White-Collar Crime, Gender and Crime, and Political Crime. His research interests focus on the interrelation of gender, race, class, sexuality and crime. 

Recent Publications

Forthcoming Publications:

"Masculinities and Crime"(with Stephen Tomsen). Invited chapter for Francis T. Cullen et. al. (eds.), Sisters in Crime Revisited: Bringing Gender into Criminology. In Honor of Freda Adler. (Oxford University Press, 2014).

"Masculinity as Structured Action".  Invited chapter for C.J. Pascoe and Tristan Bridges (eds.), (Re) Theorizing Masculinities.  (Oxford University Press, 2015).


Crime as Structured Action: Doing Masculinity, Race, Class, Sexuality, and Crime. Second Edition. (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).

Criminology (with Piers Beirne), 6th Edition (NY: Oxford University Press, 2014)

Gender, Heterosexuality, and Youth Violence: The Struggle for Recognition (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012).

Hegemonic Masculinities and Camouflaged Politics: Unmasking the Bush Dynasty and Its War Against Iraq. (Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2010)

Articles and Chapters:

"Hegemonic Masculinities and the "Selling" of War: Lessons from George W. Bush."  Rethinking Transnational Men: Beyond, Between, and Within Nations, edited by Jeff Hearn, Marina Blagojevic and Katherine Harrison. (NY: Routledge, 2013).

"Engendering Gendered Knowledge: Assessing the Academic Appropriation of Hegemonic Masculinity," Men and Masculinities, 15(1) 2012: 56-76.

"The Struggle for Heterofeminine Recognition: Bullying, Embodiment, and Reactive Sexual Offending by Adolescent Girls." Feminist Criminology, 6(3) 2011: 203-233.

"Masculinities" (with Stephen Tomsen).  In W. DeKeseredy and M. Dragiewicz, eds. Handbook of Critical Criminology.  (NY: Routledge. 2011)