Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity


  • A Physical Space - Located in the Woodbury Campus Center on the Portland Campus, the Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity (the CSGD) provides a space for students to connect, get resources, hang out, do homework, meet one another, and more!
  • Referral Information - The CSGD often provides referral information for other community organizations and resources.  Looking for a transgender support group? Need information about LGBT legal rights? Interested in finding an open and affirming faith community? The CSGD can help provide that!
  • Lending Library - Though somewhat out of date, the CSGD does have a lending library of books on a variety of LGBTQ topics.
  • Internships - The CSGD is eligible to host interns from a variety of academic programs, including Social Work, Women and Gender Studies, History, and more.
  • Workstudy Jobs - Students who are eligible for federal work study funds as part of their financial aid package can apply to work at the CSGD.