Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Blackboard Course Quota Warning

When you are uploading content to a Blackboard course and instantly receive the warning stating

"Action not complete: Adding the selected content to the specified folder causes the folder to exceed its quota."

then you have reached your allowed course disk space of 500MB.  Every course section is allowed this 500MB across the UMaine system.  Course sections that exceed 500MB present numerous problems when copying the course content into future sessions.  This is why the restriction is set in place and strictly followed.

In order to regain space in your course, you will want to follow these steps:

1.  From the course control panel, expand the 'Files' selection and click on your course ID.

course ID 

2.  You are then placed into the course manager.  The course manager houses all your files, images, videos, audio and any course copied content.  Even if you no longer have a file in a content folder, that file will still reside in the course manager.  This is why it may appear that you have little in your course, but really have reached your course limit.

In order to restore disk space to your course, you will want to navigate through your course manager and delete any of the unused and unnecessary files, images, videos and audio.  Large .pdf files can quickly fill a course as well.

Delete the items by checking the box beside the item title and clicking on the delete button.

delete from course manager

Once you have completed these actions, space will become available for further uploading of new files.