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Blackboard Embedding Media

You say you've created a dynamite pencast and you can't figure out how to embed it in Blackboard?

Many Web 2.0 technologies will allow you to create media that are difficult to embed in Blackboard via the normal (add media/add item) channels. Two examples we will demonstrate are talking avatars and pencasts. These programs allow you to provide content on the web, but somehow, when you try to use the html code in Blackboard, you bump into a wall.
If you can create a web page with your content on it, you can link to that content with an external link, but now you can use that html page to post your content inside the Blackboard interface.

First, create your media, then create an html page (page does not need to be published)

Type in some headers for your content, leave your cursor where you want the material embedded, then switch to Code View

Capture the embedding code from the website where you created it (copy the embedding code -- see examples below).

LiveScribe Embedding info

Live Scribe code


Return to your web-page and PASTE the embedding code (you must be in code view to do this).

Dreamweaver Embed Code View

Save the page.

Making this content available in Blackboard site:

Go to Control Panel > Files > Click on your course's files folder

Files Folder

Click Upload Files

Upload Files

Browse your computer to locate the .html page to upload, Click Choose, then Submit

Upload file

Go to the content area where you want to display your new content.

Click Build Content > Select Browse Course

Build Content File

Locate file, Click Selector box, Click Submit

Select File

The link you have now created will take your users to your desired content without leaving the Blackboard environment.

NOTE: It is possible that the embedding of certain html code will not work due to security permissions.  IF you have followed these instructions AND you are experiencing an error, THEN you probably have encountered this security permission.  You WILL need to find an alternate way to display the media.