Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Blackboard Minimal Site

How to set up a minimal site on Blackboard

Every class listed in Maine Street has a Blackboard Course Site created for it. It is up to faculty to make their courses available to students. Watch this lesson as a video.


To make your site available
  • Log in to Blackboard
  • Click on the course you want to make available
  • Enter Edit mode if it isn’t already on
  • Go to the Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability > click Yes

Please note that it can take a few days for your course enrollments to populate after you make your site available, so make it available well in advance of the time you need your students to see it.


Blackboard displays an icon to indicate an empty content area

If a content area is empty it will not appear in the student view.  You can hide, delete or rename any menu items by clicking on the chevron to the right of the menu item.  Be sure to keep Announcements, Tools and Help.

course menu 


To add personal contact information, go to
  • Control Panel > Course Tools > Contacts > Create Contact
  • Fill in the form
  • In section 2, be sure to set your profile as Available
  • To add a photo click on Attach image: Browse locate the file and click open, Submit

contact info

To include Contacts in your course menu
  • If you do not have a Faculty info link in your course menu, you can add it using Create Tool Link. Click on the plus sign at the top of your course menu and select Create Tool Link. Next to Type, select Contacts and name it whatever you like in the Name Box.
  • You can create an e-mail link the same way. Next to Type, choose Email from the drop down menu. Then name it e-mail. Be sure to make it available.

course tool 


To add content like your syllabus, the following method is most accessible:

If the syllabus will be added to an area filled with other documents, Click Build and select Add Folder. Then click on the folder name to add content. Click Create Item inside the folder. This avoids the need to scroll through content to reach desired information.

If the syllabus will be in it’s own content area, go to that area

  • Create item
  • Open your document in your word processing program
  • Select All and copy the text
  • Paste it into the text area
  • Title it
  • And create a link to your original document. (This allows students to view the syllabus in the browser and still download the attached file for printing if they so desire.)
  • Click Submit

 Your site is now available and ready for your students.

For help with further developing your site, please contact one of your CTEL Course Designers.