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Blackboard Notifications Dashboard

The University of Maine System has enabled Blackboard notifications as of December 18, 2011.  What does this mean for you?  It means that your course Home Page will no longer be blank and instead will be filled with relevant information that corresponds with your role in the course (instructor, student, TA, etc).

About the Notifications Dashboard
Where is it located?
Email Notifications
Edit Notification Settings 

Things to Keep in Mind

1.  Notifications are not intended for IMMEDIATE communications to a student or cohort of students.  The notifications system will refresh every hour and update/notify each student accordingly.  If you need to contact a student immediately, please continue to use the Send Email tool within each Blackboard course.  

2.  Notifications are individualized to each course.  If you are enrolled in multiple courses, you will need to update your settings in each course.