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Blackboard Rubrics

Rubrics are important tools for instructors and students. They set standards for meeting goals and objectives of the course, and offer students a metric for their achievements. In addition, when carefully designed and used, they can save an instructor time in providing timely and constructive feedback on projects.

We have been asked to provide a repository for rubrics you are willing to share with your colleagues.

Pat Red, an instructor in Special Education, provided her rubric for Discussions several years ago and it gratefully adapted by many of our faculty. Here is a discussion score feedback sheet to go with it. is an excellent site for searching for rubrics, and posssibly posting your own for others. You can search by topic and find a vast array of rubrics, then edit them for your own needs.  You can also generate your own rubric here.

Types and Uses of Rubrics
Using Blackboard's Interactive Rubrics