Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Blackboard Test Auto-Submit Feature

Blackboard has released an auto-submit feature available for tests.  Any test will save and submit the users work automatically when the time expires - if this feature is enabled.

(You do NOT need to use this feature.  It is NOT enabled by default.)

This means that you can now simulate an in-class test environment online where the time limit set is upheld by the Blackboard system.  In order to use this feature, please follow these steps (you must already have a test created):

1.  From a deployed test, click on the downward facing chevron that appears beside the test title and choose 'Edit the Test Options'.

autosubmit 1

2.  Skip down to step 2, check the box beside 'Set Timer' to enable the clock.  Choose the amount of time you want the timer to display for the test and then enable the auto-submit by clicking the 'On' radio button.

autosubmit 2

3.  Save the test options.

The test will now run with the auto-submit enabled for students. 

It is VERY important (even though the test will indicate this setting at launch) that you notify the students and include the amount of time they have for the test.  Do not assume that the students will read the test warnings before starting!