Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Blackboard Test Regrading Feature

Blackboard introduces a test regrading feature with service pack 8.  This feature will allow you to edit a test AFTER submissions have been received.  Once the edits are complete, all submissions will be regraded by the system and new grades will be posted for students.

To utilize this feature:

1.  Navigate to the Full Grade Center and find your test column.


2.  Use the column chevron dropdown to select 'Edit Test'.


You will then see all the questions asked on the test. 

3a.  To change a questions answer, click on the questions chevron dropdown and choose 'Edit'. 


Update the answer and click on "Submit and Update Attempts".


3b.  To delete a question (could have been a poorly written question), click on the questions chevron dropdown and choose 'Delete and Regrade'.


The result will be an updated grade center score for the students and a correctly updated question for future tests.  (Yes, this corrects the question for future tests and will ensure you don't have the bad answer again!!)

Before:                                                                      After:

regrade7      regrade6