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Blackboard Trouble Uploading Files

There are times when an upgrade in your browser software may lead to trouble uploading files - an incompatibility between Blackboard and browser.  If you should have trouble at any time, please make note of what browser & version you are using (eg. IE8 or 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) and what operating system (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.), and then check to see if it is a compatible browser version with Blackboard.

Here is a link to check browser compatibility with Blackboard 9.  You can also run a Browser test in Blackboard 9 by going to the Help, Tips and Updates tab. 

Tips for successful uploading

  1. do not use special characters or spaces in the file name.
  2. make sure the file has a file extension.
  3. number of characters in file name should not exceed 72.
  4. close the file in the application prior to uploading.
  5. having a high security setting or having javascript turned off in browser could cause problems.

When all else fails, TRY A DIFFERENT BROWSER!!