Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Blackboard Common Issues

Display or activity is not looking or acting normally

We are going through some growing pains with Blackboard. Many times, when things aren't acting the way you expect them to, the best approach is to close your browser and login ... possibly through another browser.

Trouble uploading files to Blackboard?

There are times when an upgrade in your browser software may lead to trouble uploading files. If you should have trouble at any time, please make note of what browser & version you are using (eg. IE7, Firefox 3.5.7, etc.) and what operating system (Windows QP, Mac OS10.6, Linux, etc.) Google Chrome is not compatible with any Blackboard versions yet, but it is coming soon in 9.1. Here is a link to Blackboard compatibility in Blackboard 9. New in Blackboard 9: Go to the Help, Tips and Updates tab for a Browser test! Here is an online technical test link.

Tips for successful uploading

  1. do not use special characters or spaces in the file name.
  2. make sure the file has a file extension.
  3. number of characters in file name should not exceed 72.
  4. close the file in the application prior to uploading.
  5. having a high security setting or having javascript turned off in browser could cause problems

Things not displaying properly?

If your text is not looking the way you want it to, or if your DB forum isn't showing up for your students, the problem may be with funky formatting copied and pasted from Word into your text box.

To avoid this, copy your text first into notepad, or onto a sticky, or save the document as a .txt file. This should remove most formatting problems. Then you can copy and paste TEXT ONLY into the add item text box.

Missing Menu items?

Occasionally, for no known reasons, course menu items will become hidden. Using the contextual menu to toggle the availability off and then on again often clears the problem.