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Here is a link to the UMaine System Copyright Libguide.

New DVD Copyright Exemption for Educational Purposes.

Important: Guidelines for providing access to copyright-protected video content in your course recommend a limit of one or two weeks availability. This correlates to the accepted equivalent of one class session in a face-to-face class. To comply with this, you should set availability dates on the link to the film and add an ITEM above or below that link that describes the dates of availability. That will help answer any questions your students may have if they try to access the video outside of the prescribed dates and cannot find the link. You should NOT provide the URL to your students, but add the url with the Build Content > URL and an appropriate Name (title of film) for the link. Your following these guidelines allows us to maintain your films on the server for future semesters, saving encoding time.

Keep in mind that your Blackboard course has a size quota limit and that it makes sense to place any video content on a streaming server or media server and link to it from Blackboard.

Off-Campus Library Service - Swank Motion Pictures

Swank Motion Pictures is one of the world's largest non-theatrical distributors of motion pictures for public performance. Swank represents major Hollywood and independent movie studios to distribute movies licensed for public performance to non-theatrical venues.

Off Campus Library Service is providing this service in conjunction with SWANK Digital Campus. The Digital Campus was created for professors and administrators to enhance curriculum by providing students with access to course-related films. Through Digital Campus, we now have the flexibility to legally view course-assigned films outside the classroom by distributing films through your Learning Management System or ITV.

Films can be added to Blackboard or First Class or shown via ITV.

Films are available for 30 days.

Several films can be scheduled at the same time for one or more classes.


American Library Association Copyright Website

Teach Act Checklist

ALA Teach Act Information

Duke Law School's Comic Book about Copyright "Bound by Law?"
(be warned, it is 72 pages long, but a good resource)