Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Adobe Connect - Instructor Support

If you are having difficulty accessing an Adobe Connect meeting, for immediate assistance, please contact the Help Desk: (207) 780-4029 and enter "1".

Support links for Adobe Connect:

Learn Adobe Connect
iPad App: video tutorial for Hosts (by University of Memphis)
Adobe TV: library of videos for learning about Adobe Connect


How to: create and managing breakout rooms
How to: auto-promote participants upon joining a meeting
How to: access meeting recordings 

Video Tutorials:

Creating a Meeting Room
Using the Connect Tools (Recording, Audio, Participants)

Adobe Connect Diagnostic Connection Test:

This Diagnostics Test will check to see if your computer and network connections are properly configured to use Adobe Connect. The test checks whether you have the latest version of Flash, whether your browser can connect to a meeting, whether you have adequate internet connection speed, and whether the Abode Connect browser plugin is installed. If you are a first time user of Adobe Connect, you will be prompted to install the plugin. 

Instructor Practice Room:

Please visit to enter a room where you can practice your presenter skills.

Adobe Connect Info to Send to Students Prior to Use: Here is a MS Word document that you can download and customize to fit your needs. It contains essential Adobe Connect information for your students, including instructions for configuring their computers.