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Google's new social media network is rapidly growing and changing. Creating individual training materials and tutorials will be problematic and hard to keep current.  It is recommended you use Google's help site that is consistently updated and relevant.  Google+ is available through the UMaine system by clicking on the +You from Google ribbon at the top of any Google/UMS page. 

google plus

How to use Google+:
Your Profile:
Get started:
Video resources: 

Google+ How-To Videos:
1. Get started with Google+
2. Google+: Find People You Know
3. Google+: Fun with Hangouts

Circles & Sharing
4. Google+: Sharing
5. Google+: About Circles
6. Google+: Reading and Responding
7. Google+: Mention someone in a post
8. Google+: Visibility of content
9. Google+: See who a post is shared with
10. Google+: There's more to explore
11. Google+: Manage the content in your stream

A Google Hangout is a virtual meeting space available from either Google Chat in Mail or through Google+.  Hangouts are incredibly easy to use with a wide array of apps for use, like screensharing and white boards.  You also have the ability to record a Hangout using the "Hangouts on Air" option which streams the Hangout to your linked YouTube channel (after verification).  These recordings are then accessed through YouTube for playback later.  

12. Google+: Start a Hangout
13. Google: Let's Hangout...
14. Google+: Getting Started With Hangouts On Air
15. Google+: Broadcast Your Hangout To The World

The following is a Google Hangout on Air (example that was recorded here with UMaine system accounts):

16. Google+ Events: Bon Voyage
17. Google+ Events: Make your invitations stand out
18. Google+ Events: Share event photos instantly with Party Mode
19. Google+ Events: See everyone's event photos in one place
20. Google+ Events: Creating an event with Google+
21. Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together

22. Google+: Share photo albums
23. Google+: Photo tagging
24. Google+: Organize your photos
25. Google+: Edit your Photos

26. Google+ Local: See Reviews from your friends
27. Google+ Local: Decide with Zagat
28. Google+ Local: Review your favorite places
29. Google+ Local: Places you'll love, from people you trust

30. Google+ for Android
31. Google+ for iPhone gets a new look
32. Google+: New Dad

33. Google+: Set Up Your Profile
34. Google+: Search and trending topics
35. Connect with friends the way you want with Google+ in Gmail
36. Google+: Pages
37. Google+: +1 across the web
38. Google+: Sharebox and Notifications
39. Google+: Switching between your profile and page
40. Google+ Communities: A place for whatever you're into
41. Google+: Customize Your Settings
42. Google+: Organize your ribbon 

Google+ Communities:
1. Getting started:
2. Create a community:
3. Managing a community:
4. Browse communities:
5. Learn more: 

Google+ Help and Support:
How To
1. Circles and Stream ->
2. Photos ->
3. Google+ Events ->
4. My Profile and +1's ->
5. Google+ Page ->
6. Google+ Communities ->
7. Google+ Local ->
8. Play Games, Chat, and Hangout
9. Search ->
10. Accounts, Settings, and Notifications ->
11. Mobile ->
12. Privacy Guide ->

Fix an issue
13. Report an issue ->
14. Troubleshoot technical issues with a hangout ->
15. Troubleshoot Hangouts On Air ->
16. Known issues ->

Additional resources
17. Ask the Google+ Help page -> +Google+ Help  
18. Get to know Google+ ->
19. Google+ Product Forum ->
20. Google+ Safety Center ->
21. Visit the Google+ page -> +Google+  
22. Google+ Discuss community