Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL How to Request that Media Be Made Available Online

Please note that UMS copyright policies are subject to review, and our procedures are currently under review.  The information below is subject to change.


To request that media (video or audio) be made available online:



If the video or audio was made by you, and nobody else can assert copyright, then you can upload the content to the USM media server (or to another server which you may have access to, or YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), or get the content to a CTEL staff member and that person can upload the file(s) to the server and provide you with links to place in Blackboard or other distribution methods.  It is recommended that media content NOT be uploaded directly to Blackboard for space and server capacity reasons.

**You can request USM media server access through the USM Helpdesk by emailing or calling (207) 780-4029.  Once you have an account created, you can find step by step instructions for uploading files to the Media Server here.**



If the video or audio was NOT made by you, and/or another party can assert copyright on the content, then there are a number of requirements that must be satisfied before the media can be made available online.

You must be able to answer "Yes" to ALL of the following:

1.  Is the material a lawfully made or acquired copy?

* Home recordings off-air or cable/satellite, and video rentals are NOT considered legal for this purpose

2.  Is the material of the proper type and amount that the law authorizes?

*Entire performances of NONDRAMATIC literary and musical works are allowed
*Reasonable and limited parts of DRAMATIC works are allowed, but not entire performances

3.  Is the material NOT among those the law specifically EXCLUDES?

*Materials specifically marketed for classroom or distance learning are excluded (i.e. course packs and items typically purchased individually by students)

4.  Is the material an integral part of the class activity and does it relate to the class content?

*You cannot digitize optional or supplemental materials

5.  Is the amount displayed, and the duration of availability comparable to that typically displayed in a live classroom setting?

*For DURATION, we suggest up to two weeks surrounding the coverage of the unit in which the material is displayed

6.  Is the class a part of the regular offerings of the institution?

*Courses listed in MaineStreet (credit and non-credit) carrying a subject code and course number are regular offerings

If you answered "Yes" to the above questions and the content of the media is copyrighted, then:

1.  The content can generally be streamed without paying licensing costs.  There are notable exceptions (PBS content being one – check the PBS website to see if they offer the content on their site).

2.  You should also check the list of videos that have been cleared for use, the venue they have been cleared for, and any fees associated with it before contacting CTEL. 

3.  You can submit the material on DVD, VHS, CD, etc., to CTEL for encoding.  Submissions can be made to: ITMS, 232 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland.

Expect up to 1 week turnaround time per title, though we can usually process requests within two business days.  The weeks surrounding the start of a semester or session are generally the busiest, and one week turnaround should be expected. Please plan ahead.



Swank Motion Pictures is one of the world's largest non-theatrical distributors of motion pictures for public performance. Swank represents major Hollywood and independent movie studios to distribute movies licensed for public performance to non-theatrical venues.

Off Campus Library Service is providing this service in conjunction with SWANK Digital Campus. The Digital Campus was created for professors and administrators to enhance curriculum by providing students with access to course-related films. Through Digital Campus, we now have the flexibility to legally view course-assigned films outside the classroom by distributing films through your Learning Management System or ITV. 

Films can be added to Blackboard or First Class or shown via ITV.

Films are available for 30 days.

Several films can be scheduled at the same time for one or more classes.

Please or email Bill Sargent for more details on this service.


For questions regarding the online media policies at USM, contact Bill Sargent (207-228-8154,