Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Media Server - Filezilla

In the Host field enter: s
For Username:  enter your username for Groupwise/Novell
For the Password:  enter your password for Groupwise/Novell
Leave the Port field blank 
Click on Quickconnect to establish the connection with the Media Server 



After you connect, you will be immediately placed into your home directory.  Double click on the public_html folder.


This is where you will upload the files or folders.  CTEL suggests creating folders for each lecture/topic, if you are not already uploading folders that contain media files.  To create a new folder, right-click in your public_html folder and choose 'Create Directory'.


To upload your file(s) or folder(s): drag and drop to the Transfer Queue located at the bottom of the Filezilla window and then right-click in the window to choose 'Process Queue'.  

Your files will upload - be patient as these files can take varying amounts of time based on internet upload speed and file sizes.