Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Podcast Publisher

Podcast Publisher is available for only Mac users on the Lion (or higher) operating system.  Podcast Publisher allows these users to record audio/video podcasts as well as capture their screen.  For more information on the tool from Apple, please visit:

Here are the steps to using Podcast Publisher:

1.  From the Finder click on 'Go' and choose 'Utilities'


2.  From the list of utilities, choose 'Podcast Publisher'.


3.  Podcast Publisher will launch and display a podcast page.  Title the podcast and click on the 'Add a new episode...' button.


4.  You will be immediately placed into a record window where you can select to record video or screen.  Once you make the selection, click on the record button and wait for the countdown to begin.


5.  After you have recorded your podcast and clicked the record button to end, you have the option to playback the video, re-record the video or share the video.


6.  Sharing options include iTunes, desktop or email.  Sharing to your desktop would allow you to upload to the USM Media Server or YouTube.


This will get you started with using the tool, however it lacks the ability to post-produce or make edits.  If you'd need this function, then you would have to use a tool like GarageBand.