Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Grants

Up to $1,500 per faculty, per academic year is available for purchase of hardware, software, and other resources to support teaching and learning. Faculty teaching classes in face-to-face, blended, and online formats are encouraged to apply.

Please note, the current CTEL policy (for the past two years) is that any advanced hardware purchased with TEL grant funds needs to be able to serve the entire campus and not just a single instructor or department. This policy is under review and may soon change to make the grant criteria more flexible. 

Academic departments are encouraged to submit proposals. Departmental proposals are typically funded in a matched-funding model.

Some examples of requests that may be funded:

  • Purchase of hardware, such as a headset, web cam, voice recorder, etc. Purchase of laptops, desktops and iPads is not funded.
  • Purchase of software such as VoiceThread, Screencastomatic, QuickTime Pro, etc.
  • Wage payroll student employees for a short term project developing specific materials for technology-enhanced learning (such as an animation or tutorial for a course).
  • Expenses related to inviting an expert to USM for an educational technology presentation or training.
  • Other appropriate technology to enhance teaching and learning at USM.


Proposal, Review Process and Timeline

All proposals must be submitted online at

Requests will be considered at least monthly. Please note:

  • Proposals may be partially funded.
  • Hardware may be purchased by ITMS for circulation to the entire campus rather than funding purchase for an individual (with priority given to the requestor for long term checkout if applicable).



Contact Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning (CTEL) Learning Designers -- Rucha Modak or Pieter Tryzelaar.