Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Un-enroll User from Blackboard Course

Blackboard course rosters are updated nightly with new enrollments, however users who have dropped the course in MaineStreet remain in your course.  Instructors can remove these enrollments from their course manually by following the three steps below.

Note: Please be aware that by removing a user from your course, the ENTIRE Blackboard history for that student is deleted and unretrievable in this course.  If you wish to keep the student's history then it is best to make the student unavailable in the course.  This will cease student access and prevent them from receiving any class communications.  It will not delete their history.  You may also want to hide these students in your grade center. (Grade Center > Full Grade Center > Manage > Row Visibility)

To make a student UNAVAILABLE in your course:

  1. From the control panel, expand Users and Groups to choose 'Users'
  2. Find the user you wish to make unavailable and click on the downward facing  contextual arrow to select 'Change User's Availaibility in Course.'
  3. You are directed to a new window. Click on dropdown menu next to Available and select No.
  4. Click Submit.


Change Availability



To remove a user from course:

  1. From the control panel, expand Users & Groups to choose 'Users'
  2. The list of users in your course will be displayed, check the box beside the name of the users you wish to remove
  3. Click on the 'Remove Users from Course' button and click 'OK' to the prompt that displays as confirmation.  User(s) and their entire Blackboard history will now officially be removed from your course.

 Remove User from Blackboard

Remember: MaineStreet holds the official roster for your course!!