Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Uploading to the USM Media Server

Media Server Access:

Your Department head must contact USM Computing to Request Web Server Access.  They can do so by emailing, calling ext. 4029 or going directly to Computing located in Luther Bonney Hall.

They should request access to and state that it is for storing media files for an online course.  

Once the account has been established, you will be notified of with your login credentials.  These credentials will need to be input into an FTP client in order to access your media server directory.  CTEL recommends an FTP client such as Filezilla or Fetch.  Contact CTEL directly for a free University copy of Fetch.

Connecting to the Media Server

To connect to the server choose your FTP client of your choice and follow these directions:


URL Creation

The last step is creating the URL for file playback.  The URL for each user will be different.  Every URL will begin with:

and will then include the user directory which will look like this:  /~username

immediate following will be the folder (if one exists): /folder name

after that will be any subsequent folder (same as above) or the file name (like .html or .mp4): /file name.extension

All together the URL would look like this:

If you have any questions, please contact CTEL for additional support.