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Mobility, Nudges and Greater Academic Success

May 7, 2014
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
423/424 Glickman, USM Portland Campus

Support in Hand: Mobility, Nudges and Greater Academic Success

As learners enter and return to school in greater numbers, higher education struggles with defining and providing support and services that fit the "new traditional" and often-struggling digital age learner. At the same time, insert a changing population of time-stressed adult students, first-generation students, part-time students, and a growing population of underprepared students. All this together produces a perfect storm of unrecognized support and service needs to ensure that struggling students reach graduation.

In her talk, Jill Frankfort, co-founder of Persistence Plus ( will describe their innovation which involves providing time sensitive, interactive, and automated academic support ("nudges") to students via their mobile devices. Persistence Plus is developing algorithms that generate support triggers grounded in behavioral science. Jill will share lessons learned from their work with students in introductory courses at University of Washington-Tacoma (UWT), a campus of 4,300 students, that has wrestled with issues of retention since it opened in 1990.  Preliminary results from the UWT study indicate that students respond and value such support and that students receiving such support have higher passing rates and GPAs than other students. The team has shared results from this study in an EDUCAUSE Review Online brief:

Wednesday, May 7th

1pm to 2:30pm

423/424 Glickman, USM Portland Campus

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Jill Frankfort
Co-founder, Persistence Plus

Jill Frankfort is focused on helping colleges transform how
they support, engage, and motivate students to completion. Ms.
Frankfort was previously a director at Jobs for the Future where she
worked with colleges and districts to improve the educational outcomes
of low-income students. She is deeply knowledgeable about college
retention issues and success strategies, and has more than ten years
of experience as a strategy consultant and education professional. Ms.
Frankfort is the author of 100 Paid Summer Adventures for Teachers and
was selected as a Kauffman Foundation Education Venture fellow.  She
received her bachelor's with honors from Brown University and a
master's in education from Wake Forest University.


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