Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Online Course Design Showcase

April 16, 2014
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
214/215 Abromson Center, USM Portland Campus

Collaborations between USM Faculty and CTEL Learning Designers

USM Faculty and CTEL Learning Designers will share outcomes of their collaboration on online courses that are being offered to USM students during the spring 2014 semester. Faculty-CTEL Learning Designer collaborations to be presented include Lisa Giles’ EYE Nature, Self, & Society, Muhammad El-Taha BUS 370 Management Science, Clover Jordan’s MAT9 and MAY101, and Melissa Rosenberg’s HCE612 Multicultural Counseling.


Lisa Giles (EYE117  Nature, Self and Society):  

The course is being delivered through a combination of Blackboard and a custom built course website, which allows for the utilization of a variety of learning technologies, including Crocodoc, Google Drive, and VoiceThread. The result is a media-rich online course that has numerous guest speakers, virtual tours, streaming films, video lectures, and digital roundtable discussions. Learn more about Lisa Giles


Muhammad El-Taha (BUS 370 Management Science):

This highly organized course is built around readings, online homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and group case studies. As part of the design process, Dr. El-Taha spearhead a CTEL pilot program using Wacom Tablets to create screencasts that contain digital handwritten instructions and notes. Dr. El-Taha provides a massive amount of supplemental learning materials in the form of instructional videos, tutorials, slide presentations, and lecture notes. Learn more about Muhammad El-Taha. View faculty profile page


Clover Jordan (MAT9 & MAT101):

These courses offered by the Departments of Mathematics and Learning Foundations incorporate Blackboard and the Pearson LMS ‘MyMathLab’ to deliver content and weekly assessments. Ms. Jordan uses the screen capture software Screencast-O-Matic to make videos of her PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Connect to hold virtual office and tutoring hours. Read the CTEL February Newsletter Featured Course post on this MAT9 & MAT101. Learn more about Clover Jordan.


Melissa Rosenberg (HCE612 Multicultural Counseling):

This course was built in collaboration with CTEL Learning Designer Rucha Modak. Its subject matter is multicultural counseling and it is a media-rich learning experience that utilizes VoiceThread, original videos of conversations with guest lecturers, as well as open educational resources. These are made available to students through a course website as well as Blackboard. This is Dr. Rosebnerg’s first online teaching experience. Learn more about Melissa Rosenberg.



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