Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Pieter Tryzelaar

Learning Designer
Pieter Tryzelaar


214 Glickman Library, Portland Campus

Contact Information

Phone: 207-780-4238

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm; walk-ins welcome, appointment recommended

I am a Learning Designer with the Center for Technology Enhanced Learning (CTEL) at the University of Southern Maine. Prior to working with CTEL, I was a graduate student at the University of Maine completing concurrent master’s degrees, a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and a Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia, an interdisciplinary art and technology program. I also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, an Associate of Arts, and an Associate of Applied Science with an emphasis, respectively, in painting, video production, performance, and culinary arts. In addition, I am a classically trained chef with an emphasis in French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines and have been cooking on and off as a professional chef for over 18 years. My cooking style focuses on creating healthy, rustic, home-style cuisine that utilizes local, organic, and farm-fresh ingredients. My current academic research revolves around examining the intersections between cooking, creative engagement, instructional technology, and learning design. My goal is to investigate innovative educational models, emerging web 2.0 technologies, and flexible modes of course delivery and how these combined elements can be used to enhance student engagement in open learning scenarios. I live on a small farm with my wife, Sara, in Casco, Maine.