Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Pre-Semester Faculty Checklist

Pre-semester check-list

  • Have you made your site available? If you set a start-date, is it correct? We recommend setting the course start date the week prior to the actual start of the course
  • Have you checked your links to be sure they all work?
  • Did you introduce yourself and establish expectations about your availability?
  • Is your contact information available through the Contacts tool?
  • Have you included a way for your students to introduce themselves and begin to form community?
  • Is your syllabus posted and accessible for all your students?
  • Notifications are now available. Have you adjusted your settings for each course? 
  • Currently the Course Entry point is set to Announcements. If notifications run smoothly this semester, the University will probably establish the Home Page as the default Course Entry point. You can select your course entry point by going to Control Panel > Customization > Teaching Style > #2 Select Course Entry Point.
  • Did you include a link to Online Student Services in your course menu? (
  • Have you checked the availability dates of your copyrighted media?  Use of copyrighted media is subject to time restrictions - typically, the time equivalent to the unit of study in which the content appears, or up to two weeks.
  • If you are using synchronous online or face-to-face sessions in your course, have you established a calendar for those events?
  • If you are using a new technology in your course, have you included instructions on how to use it? 
  • Have you included a link to our Tutorials page in your course menu? 

If you copied content for this course from another:

  • Have you checked dates throughout your site (due dates, announcements, video availability) to be sure they are current?

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