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Access to Medical Care in Rural America


Rural residents face many barriers to accessing appropriate medical care, and often have to coordinate care across long distances with few supportive resources. Erika Ziller, Deputy Director of the Maine Rural Health Research Center, brings her expertise on rural access to care in the chapter she authored, in which she highlights the barriers to optimal care for rural residents. Lower income, lower rates of health insurance coverage, and a lack of primary and specialty care in rural areas contribute to the barriers faced by rural residents, and as a result, may compromise their health and well-being. 


Suggested Citation: Ziller EC. Access to Medical Care in Rural America. In: Warren JC, Smiley KB, eds. Rural Public Health: Best Practices and Preventive Models. New York: Springer Publishing Company; 2014:11-28.

Publication Type: 
Book Chapter
Publish Date: 
February 24, 2014