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Adults with Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder


This Chartbook is unique in its detailing of the service and costs of adults with intellectual disability or austim spectrum disorder (ID/ASD) in Maine.  

The Chartbook focuses on adults with ID/ASD who are eligible only for MaineCare (Maine's Medicaid system) or who are dually eligible for MaineCare and Medicare.  It describes:

  • services currently available to individuals with ID/ASD;
  • the historical use of institutional and community-based services in Maine compared to other states and the nation;
  • utilization and cost of MaineCare and Medicare services for Maine's adults with ID/ASD in different residential settings in SFY 2010;
  • state-funded services available to adults with ID/ASD;
  • utilization and cost of MaineCare services for adults who were on the waitlists for Section 21 Comprehensive or Section 29 Supports home-and-community-based waivers in SFY 2013;
  • quality of health care for this population;
  • Maine's use of the Supports Intensity Scale; and the
  • variety of providers in the state.

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Suggested Citation: Snow KI, Bratesman S, Bowe T, Fralich J. Adults with Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine, 2014 Edition. (Chartbook). Portland, ME: University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service;2014.

Prepared for the Office of Aging and Disability Services, Maine Department of Health and Human Services by the Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine.
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Publish Date: 
December 1, 2014