Catherine Cutler Institute

Annette M. Wilson, J.D.

Policy Associate II: Children, Youth, and Families Program

Office Location

211 Haynes Building, Augusta




Annette is a recovering attorney with more then 20 years of experience with child welfare in a variety of roles, including foster parent, adoptive parent, Guardian ad Litem, CASA volunteer, and Foster/Adoptive parent trainer and training manager. As the parent of 6 children who joined her family through adoption from the foster care system, Annette is able to bring her training to life with real-world examples of things she never thought of before becoming a foster/adoptive parent. For example...."Don't shave the shower curtain" became a rule in her home. Followed closely by "don't shave the dog and don't shave the cat." Annette has been with USM for more than 18 years and has worked to develop curriculum for foster parent, adoptive parents, volunteer transportation providers, Personal Support Specialists, Eligibility Specialists, and other workforce members across a number of program areas. In Augusta, Annette has inherited the office "candy dish" and is well-versed in keeping the chocolate in good supply!

Areas of Expertise

Child Welfare Curriculum Development and Training
Grant Management and Oversight
Workforce Development Curriculum Development
Regulatory Compliance/Legal Issues
Working with Disabled Adults

Annette is currently working on two projects: The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI), and Massachusetts Caseworker Pre-Service Curriculum Development. For NCWWI, Annette serves as the on-site administrative manager of the project, responsible for all administrative and fiscal matters on the project. In addition, she works on substantive portions of the project work, planning for the long-term role of NCWWI when the present grant ends. For Massachusetts, Annette is overseeing the development of a brand-new, competency-based curriculum for new child welfare caseworkers, in response to needs identified within Massachusetts during its most recent CFSR and included within its PIP.


 Juris Doctorate, Summa Cum Laude, 1993 Golden Gate University School of Law


Areas of Scholarship

Member, Maine Bar, Bar Number 8725