Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Department of Transportation Wellness Evaluation

1/1/2007 - 1/30/2008
Maine Department of Transportation

Research has been published showing the positive financial impact of health promotion; one valuable conclusionis that it is less expensive to prevent health risks for employees than to treat medical conditions once they occur. The Maine Department of Transportation Health and Wellness Program has had many successes and positive anecdotal examples; however, a comprehensive evaluation of the program is needed. Region 5 (Aroostok) staff and leadership along with the DOT Employee Wellness Director will partner with the MSPS to conduct such an evaluation.This project includes establishinga sustainable data collection and analysis system, which is essential for creating data driven employee wellness initiatives with measured outcomes. An employee wellness model will be designed that can be replicated in other settings/offices of Maine DOT. The results will be sued to assist decision makers on best investments for employee wellness programs.

Start Date: 
Mon, 2007-01-01
End Date: 
Wed, 2008-01-30
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