Cutler Institute

Design & Implementation

Implementing and evaluating initiatives that lead to lasting change

Throughout the country, leaders in public and private sector organizations struggle to implement change initiatives that have real impact on outcomes for their clients and communities. The Cutler Institute works closely with leaders in agencies, tribal communities, and other community-based organizations to implement lasting change. We bring these areas of expertise to our work: project design, implementation, and evaluation; systems thinking; adaptive leadership; change management; strategic planning and management; and the ability to align initiatives to the culture.


  • Help leaders and staff focus on outcomes, sustainability, and measuring progress
  • Understand an organization’s cultural contexts, assets, barriers, and readiness for change
  • Develop project structure, roles and responsibilities, helpful frameworks, and broader perspectives needed for implementation
  • Evaluate progress and integrate continuous quality improvement into all initiatives

If you are interested in collaborating with the Cutler Institute, please contact the Director, Kris Sahonchik.