Cutler Institute

Disability and Aging

Disability and Aging staff are committed to making sure public resources are used to their best effect in helping older adults and adults with disabilities live healthy, active, secure and engaged lives.  We work with state and federal policymakers and service providers to improve programs and services for older adults, and adults with disabilities, particularly the most vulnerable.  Our work focuses on long term services and supports, the people that deliver these services, the delivery systems through which they are accessed, and the people that receive services. 

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Areas of Focus

Medicaid Policy Young Man at laptopMedicaid Policy and Operations

We provide a range of policy and operational supports to help state leaders improve and manage long term services and supports.  Our work includes quality assurance, payment systems, functional assessment systems, data analytics and policy research.  We customize our work to the unique state policy environment and leverage existing tools and resources to develop cost-effective solutions.   

Woman Elderly Systems ReformDelivery System Reform

We give state and federal policymakers and service providers the information they need to implement effective integrated models of care for those with complex care needs.  We help design and implement improvements to long term services and supports, with a focus on promoting the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of public programs and improving the quality of care for service recipients.

Trainer and BoyWorkforce and Organizational Improvement

We work with state leaders and program managers to develop their workforce, and plan and implement projects that improve system capacity and outcomes.  Recently we developed an innovative training program that streamlines training and credentialing across multiple direct service job titles and programs.  We also provide customized technical assistance to help state policymakers plan for and implement new programs, policies or systems.

Man with caneHealth and Well-Being

Through technical assistance, research and evaluation, we identify ways to improve the health and well-being of older adults and adults with disabilities.  Our work focuses on prevention and early intervention, improving the delivery and quality of care and services, and achieving better outcomes.  Our expertise extends across populations and settings, including dementia care, mental health and substance abuse services, adult protective services and other health and social services.