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Erika Ziller awarded new $45,500 grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation

Erika ZillerErika Ziller was recently awarded a $45,500 grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) to develop a series of data briefs focusing on populations in Maine that experience health disparities. Ziller and her project team will work closely with MeHAF to produce short, easy-to-read snapshots of health status and health access issues that impact various populations, social and historical contexts relevant to each population, and strategies and policies that can address identified health disparities.

The briefs will be used by MeHAF to guide the Foundation's priorities and will be helpful resources for policy makers and Maine organizations working to advance health equity.

The project team includes Erika Ziller, Amanda Burgess, Karen Pearson, Nathan Paluso and Graduate Assistant Brooke Smith.