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Erika Ziller Delivers Multiple Presentations at the National Rural Health Association Annual Meeting

Erika Ziller delivered three presentations at the National Rural Health Association 2018 annual meeting (May 8-11) based on research conducted by staff of the Maine Rural Health Research Center and the Maine Lung Cancer Coalition. The three studies were:

 "Opioid-Related Visits to Rural Emergency Departments," a national analysis of the burden of opioid overdoses on rural emergency departments.  Co-authors include Jean Talbot, Deborah Thayer, and Amanda Burgess.

"Maine Lung Health Study:  Rural Mainers at Risk," findings from a qualitative study on rural smokers and current smokers who are disengaged from the health care system. Co-authors include Jean Talbot, Martha Elbaum, Anush Hansen, Zach Croll and MPH graduate Beatrice Byrne.

"Regional Lung Cancer Incidence, Stage, Mortality, Smoking and Rurality,” a collaborative study between Maine Medical Center's Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) and the Muskie School using Maine data to identify service areas at greatest risk for lung cancer incidence and death. The study was led by Kathleen Fairfield from CORE.