Cutler Institute

Esther Anne

Policy Associate II: Children, Youth, and Families Program

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Esther joined the YCE team in 2003 to work with young people in their transition from foster care to adulthood. She now works on projects that engage and benefit Wabanaki people; facilitating the tribal-state Indian Child Welfare Act workgroup and helping to lead Maine-Wabanaki REACH, a cross-cultural collaborative that focuses on decolonization through truth, healing, and change. Esther was part of the team that established and convened the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the first truth commission in the United States to address native child welfare.

Areas of Expertise

Engaging tribal and state governmental systems, institutions and leaders.Understanding of the complex legal requirements, roles, and cultures. Strong relationship building skills, sound judgment, assessment skills, ability to understand different infrastructures and roles, transfer of strategies and approaches to different cultural and legal contexts.