Cutler Institute


Assessing outcomes, improving practice, and communicating results

We work with public agencies, tribal communities, healthcare providers, businesses, and community-based organizations to increase their capacity to utilize data that clearly define their work, achieve results, and demonstrate impact. We provide independent, objective evaluation findings that help leaders demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of their programs through assessing outcomes, improving services, and communicating results. Approaches used include: survey instrument design, data collection, and analysis; economic modeling and forecasting; program assessment and performance measurement; and project management and evidence-based/evidence-informed programs and practices.


  • Build an organization’s ability to collect, manage, and analyze data
  • Employ rigorous evaluation and data collection strategies that focus on outcomes, goals, and priorities
  • Incorporate robust information into continuous quality improvement efforts

If you are interested in collaborating with the Cutler Institute, please contact the Director, Kris Sahonchik.