Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Family Support and Independence

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Many families share circumstances that require interaction with multiple public service agencies, such as families in financial distress, families with children with special needs, immigrant/ refugee families, or families involved in the child welfare system. The Cutler Institute provides training and technical assistance to the human service agencies that support a broad range of individuals and families in need of short-term or longer-term assistance.

Current Projects

OFI Training

Workforce Development – Office of Family Independence/Maine DHHS

For over 10 years the Standard Eligibility Policy Training Program has prepared new OFI workers to navigate ever changing federal and state rules, regulations and electronic processes in order to deliver efficient, accurate, and effective eligibility determinations for programs such as TANF, Food Supplement, MaineCare, and Disability Services. Training is delivered through a blend of online and classroom training, reinforced on the job through a series of Learning at Work Guides coordinated with local supervisors.

OFI TrainingDivision of Support Enforcement & Recovery, Quadrennial Review

Federal law requires that each state conduct a formal review of its child support guidelines at least once every four years. In 2012 Cutler Institute staff produced Maine’s report, based on an extensive process of stakeholder input, literature review, DSER case studies, policy analysis, and updates to economic forecasting. The report includes an analysis of different child support models and recommendations on changes to the Maine Child Support schedule to reflect new economic realities.