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First Jobs Academy Work Readiness Training for Child Welfare Involved Youth: Trainer Guide


This curriculum focuses on mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities related to work readiness in four main competency areas:<li><b>Communication:</b> Articulates thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively; demonstrates public speaking skills; writes work-related materials clearly and effectively.
<li><b>Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving:</b> Exercises sound reasoning and analytical thinking; uses knowledge, facts, and data to solve workplace problems.
<li><b>Professionalism:</b> Demonstrates personal accountability and effective work habits, such as punctuality, working productively with others toward a goal, and time and workload management.
<li><b>Teamwork & Collaboration:</b> Builds productive and professional working relationships with colleagues, supervisors, and customers; able to work with diverse teams; able to negotiate and manage conflict in the workplace.</li>

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August 1, 2010