Cutler Institute

GIS Mapping to Address Chronic Disease in Maine

Muskie researchers recently published two articles in Preventing Chronic Disease highlighting the usefulness and importance of GIS mapping to address chronic disease in Maine.

Caitlin Pizzonia, Sara Huston, and Pamela Foster Albert published a GIS Snapshot in June 2019. The article features a map that displays data on population density, blood pressure medication adherence, and pharmacy locations to help inform program work around improving blood pressure medication adherence: "Using Local Data on Adults Aged 18 to 64 to Tailor Interventions for Blood Pressure Medication Adherence in Maine"

Sara Huston, Associate Research Professor, contributed to an essay published in May 2019 on how four state and local health departments use GIS to address chronic disease. Part of the essay reveals how GIS is used at the Maine CDC to enhance public health surveillance and core competencies for public health: "Application of Geographic Information Systems to Address Chronic Disease Priorities: Experiences in State and Local Health Departments"