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Heart of trade battle with U.S. is China’s rising economic competitiveness

Joseph McDonnell was published recently in an Op-Ed in the Portland Press Herald’s August 22, 2018 edition about the need for the US to rally toward a common objective – to be the most educated, the most innovative, and the most entrepreneurial nation on earth.

“To fully understand the social, political, and economic dynamic in Maine and the country today, we have to take into account the effects of the globalized economy. Fifty years ago, China was a backward walled-in country with a billion people living in poverty. Today, China has the world's second largest economy with a population four times the size of the US. How should the US respond to China's emergence? The trade war will hurt both countries and not stop China's ascent. The US ought to respond just as it did when the USSR launched the Sputnik rocket in the 1960s -- by redoubling our commitment to education, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities. It's what Maine and the country need to compete in a global economy.”